Time To Get Serious About Gambling

This morning as one of many Google Adsense publishers I received a email suggesting the future of online gambling has revolutionized. The image below is what that email contained.


The above snippet suggests that there are many more winners to the gambling game than many initially thought. Without a doubt gambling has been and will continue to be a multi-billion dollar industry. After the newsletter from Google this morning, this shows that not only a few small companies are jumping on board the gambling train, but even some of the bigger tech giants are interested in boosting revenues through the gambling market.

With AdSense already an established business model for Google, expanding it to categories once thought questionable is a great move. In the countries where online gambling is completely legal, Google does not have any moral dilemmas about making money off of the current (and legal) online gambling infrastructure. Six months ago I wrote a piece about Facebook and its potential as a online gambling super star. Though in regards to Facebook the overwhelming issue remains that it may be against the values of the online giant and  values its reputation more than revenues. Though as we see with all these large tech companies, if one enters the market others are sure to follow.

In regards to those small gaming companies that have been the talk of the news lately due to gambling, specifically Glu Mobile and Zynga, their stories have just been validated by the above email from Google. When a big player like Google gets serious about online gambling, even going as far to completely revamp their policy on the matter, it lends a large amount of validity to other companies in the space (or in this case companies looking to enter the space). Glu Mobile and Zynga have many other issues and challenges above and beyond online gambling, so let us see how they “play their hand” and perhaps they can make big inroads in this market.

Without a doubt Google has validated the potential of those in the online gambling arena or attempting to enter. Not only that, perhaps Google can boost revenues with future gambling partnerships. The hype around Glu Mobile and Zynga may have not been the joke we all initially thought.

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