Apple Follow Up

Last weekend I wrote about my concerns looking at the upcoming iPhone release. Two days ago Apple launched their next generation iPhone, which will be their premium product for the next 18 months. Are you satisfied with their new product? Personally, I was not that impressed. Though my personal feelings are insignificant as we look ahead at the huge demand for this Apple product. Just take a look at the clip below, it should tell you everything about the market for the new Apple iPhone.

Besides the fact that American’s are utterly stupid and uneducated, the above clip shows us quite a bit about the Apple consumer. Apple products are no longer just products, rather, Apple has transformed itself into a lifestyle brand. They are the Rolls Royce of smart phones that every middle to upper class American can easily afford. They embody similar ideas as a “Life is Good” or a “Salt Life” shirt, or at least attempt to sell an overall lifestyle. If you are unfamiliar with lifestyle brands, do some quick research… yeah now you get the connection.

We often speak about the global financial situation and how America is the best of the worst. Well at this point, I am a firm believer in that Apple is the best of the worst. Looking around the smartphone arena over the past few years, we haven’t seen any real profound innovation. We have seen more powerful devices with better graphics and screens. We have not seen a revolution that will blow consumers away. We have not seen any major redesigns that make our life easier. Isn’t that the point of technology? Isn’t technology supposed to continually add ease and productivity to our lives?

Yes the iPhone will sell. Likely the iPhone will move big numbers. Will it blow the market estimates away? That has yet to be seen. It is always an interesting ride when it comes to technology companies, in particular those on the cutting edge. Perhaps I am just impossible to please. One thing remains certain, my high expectations were not reached. I look back at the tattered tale of technology companies and see many that have fallen off due to lack of innovation. Someone will come along and make a better widget if you will not. The tech space remains extremely competitive and if Apple isn’t on their toes, someone will cut those toes off by selling a better widget at a better price.

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