Cook Has Me Worried

Last night while perusing the world financial news I came across a post on my favorite financial blog.

It featured this video:

For some time now I have been bearish on Apple. I mentioned a few of my concerns in a post earlier this month.  When I have discussed or contemplated the next version of the iPhone, I question the future of the product. Maybe it’s the individuals that tell me they dislike the product and prefer that of an Android. Maybe it’s the people who are bothered by the data usage of their iPhone, which limits the internet multitasking activities you can do. Maybe it’s the awesome capabilities of the competing products. Whatever it may be that had people concerned about the upcoming product launch and their current iPhone, after viewing the above video, I myself am now questioning the next iPhone.

Apple undoubtedly makes a great product. Though when many look back at the history of Apple they fail to remember the its missteps. I vividly remember the poor reception the iPhone 4s received. Shortly thereafter I went and purchased the product, as many of my fellow americans did. They proceeded to sell a record number of phones. This time around may be different. The expectations are huge and must be surpassed this go around. We are talking about the iPhone 5, the next big thing, the future of the smartphone industry. A lot rides on this product and if the above video link is any sign of what’s coming down the pipe, many may be sorely disappointed. Last year when the 4s was launched, it was still the best phone on the market. Ask the people at Google or anyone with a Android product, the competition has come leaps and bounds. Staying on the cutting edge has always been a challenging and winding road, just ask all the people who no longer work at RIM.

If the “new” iPhone has been created using the same formula as the “new” iPad, the results will differ greatly. In the phone space the competition is not merely heating up as seen in tablet arena, the phone space it hot, creating a scorching competitive environment. From the above video I do not see an outstanding product, that will be a leader in the smartphone arena for the next 18 months. Perhaps the larger size screen will allow for better app and movie experiences, but do the pros outweigh the cons? How many people really want a bigger phone? I expected the new generation to resemble the iPad in design and once again revolutionize the smart phone culture. Hopefully, I and the millions of potential iPhone buyers will not be disappointed in the coming week. Hopefully, we will be blown away. After the product release, we then can make a more educated analysis. If that above clip is a testament of what is to come Tim Cook has me more than worried.


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