Vine That

The weekends are full of thoughts and ideas.

For example: whats next, whats big, and where should I put my money.

A while ago I mentioned this new and exciting thing called Vine. I went on to stress that this would flop, because the challenges of recording and making videos would overwhelm the user.

I completely underestimated the potential.

Vine has been the new thing. Who would have thought that those guys at Twitter could create a hot product again? Does this mean that Facebook is no longer hot? Does this mean that Google+ is barely in existence?

Facebook remains a constant. It is that court house in your local community, it has been and it will remain. They are the umbrella which all the new and hot social media companies will be kept dry under. People are still fearful of an exodus from Facebook — it won’t happen. It has become a staple of the technology life. Though they no longer have those crisp and refreshing attributes that make it the “thing” the kiddies discuss at recess, replacing it remains impossible. Facebook remains the icon of social interaction on the internet. Which means profiting from it remains the only logical solution.

Death is near the opponents suggest. They are wrong like those that suggests the sun will not keep shining. Think about Facebook as an investment for the user. Not an investment as putting your money here or there to garner a return, rather as building a business. You invest time and money to build a business; you build products, acquire customers, update your product and then acquire more customers. The time you invest in your business is similar to the time invested into your online profile, ask the bloggers, keeping up that persona year after year is a full time job, a rather large investment. Those that build businesses, personas, or any analogous example you brilliant mind can think of are unlikely to vanish due to the work required to bring about its existence. Facebook shall remain.

Snapchat is hot, vine is hotter. This will change in a few months. Remember when everyone was on Farmville and you had to have that cow? What about when grandma was on Words With Friends? Yes the hot items will come and go, more importantly the constants will remain constant. Apple will continue to be the BMW of cell phones and Facebook will continue to be the platform that everyone builds upon. To solidify that statement just ask any developer if signing in with Facebook is a required aspect in their app or webpage, they will answer with an unequivocal yes. Ask anyone who likes technology if they aren’t looking forward to the WWDC to see what Apple has up its sleeve.

I can admit I was wrong about Vine. More importantly we can all take this as a learning experience, whats hot can be a nice ride for a while. You can make some pennies to feed the meter. The better investment for long term rewards is the titan of the industry, the one that will leave a lasting impression long after everything else has come and gone. The giant of industry will put a Bentley in front of that meter.

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