The Truth About the Fiscal Cliff

I am beyond fed up with the market consensus for the fiscal cliff — the call for inaction.

Who has ever made money from inaction? Particularly during the season of buying everything… I mean gift giving. Most companies make their year during the fourth quarter. Do you really think it’s going to change this year? Do you really think congress’ inactivity will cancel Christmas? Get out of your parents basement, go to any local mall or shop, and witness the gluttony of consumerism. Will your wife or mother really not purchase you all the ridiculous items you do not need? From hams to iPhone’s, Christmas will live on.

Perhaps I wasn’t explicit enough — the masses are Christmas shopping  No one cares about tomorrow, they only are living for today. Christmas comes this eve and the fiscal cliff blows up tomorrow, with the masses getting to drunk on rum egg nog to realize what tomorrow brings.

Obviously I am not ignorant enough to suggest ignoring the effects of the Fiscal Cliff. In particular, the potential loss of jobs that could send us back to the depths of despair. Currently that remains 28 days away and the biggest shopping season of the year is upon us.

I have yet to chose my retail stars for the season, though this will be done before the week ends.

Every year there are retail plays that can bank you coin. I will be pointing out a few potential big plays in the next week.

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