No Stopping The Economic Ship

With all the news coverage of politics one would think that nothing else takes place in the world. I hear it day in and day out, party A will benefit the economy this way, party B will benefit the economy that way. Those of us who have some form of education know that the media blows everything out of proportion, especially when it boost ratings. These media goons are  blessed with both brainless sources for their tall tales and ignorant interpretations. No one man or one party can fix this mess. The economic ship cruises at a high speed and cannot be stopped, period.

Do you really think for a second that one man can undo major trends in the economy? Look at the big picture, manufacturing no longer exist in the United States. Our economy has been shifting service based for over 50 years. What do all the new and great startups have in common? They all serve the mass populous. Everything from Facebook to Yelp help foster our service society. All the manufacturing that you do see, well that takes place overseas. Take a look at the company we all love to love, Apple. They couldn’t afford to produce their pads and phones in the United States. We have gone from an industrial society to one focused around service.

Whatever trend you want to address, one man cannot change it. As much as we want to say either Obama or Romney will be better for the economy the truth is that it doesn’t matter. View the economy as the Titanic, this great ship that cannot be stopped. It can be turned at a slow pace. You can see a headwind up ahead but all you can do is slow your roll. Just like the Titanic, the American ship was built so that if it sprung a leak it wouldn’t go down. Sometime your safety measures do not quite work. The only real solution to the problem at hand is a realization that the current policies and agendas are not working. As much as we want the economy to trend a certain way and believe one man can better manuever the ship, the truth is the boat is moving forward with either man at the helm.

The problems we are witnessing and struggling with are structural issues. The U.S.S. America has bad riveting throughout. Changing the captain does not fix issues that need to be addressed at the hull level. The captain cannot by himself stop the leak nor can he avoid hitting the iceberg in his path. He can do continually try to patch up the hole, make the patrons feel safe, and keep moving forward. Any drastic change has to be done at the base level, at the blueprint level. Perhaps we should rethink our approach to the debt issue. Maybe we should figure out how we can move successfully from an industrial nation to that of service. Even better, let’s find alternative ways to boost our economy (alternative energy). So quit moaning and groaning about which man will better solve the economic disaster we call the United States. Come to realize that it will have to be a bipartisan group effort from the hull up, to solve our issues.

We have seen the movie play out and it doesn’t end well. For those of you who missed the masterpiece the Titanic, you can now get the showing for free all across Europe (opening in Greece).

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