Sunday Funday: Dollar General

Dollar General has succeded in becoming a power source of its own. It was initially thought that no one could compete with the giant that is Walmart, but as we have seen over the past few years, the size of Walmart can actually be used against it. Dollar General has succeeded by combining the power of cheap with perfection in square footage. While Walmart has many employees running around being completely useless, Dollar General has just a few employees racking in huge profits.

These saving stores have had a great run over the depths of the recession. I am here today to argue that even as fuel prices go down and the economy looks better, these stores will continue to excel. In particular, Dollar General, because it has succeeded in stealing revenues and customers from the bigger discount stores like Walmart. Instead of going to Walmart or Target to pick up a few random needs, Americans are entering their dollar stores like Dollar General. This movement may be due to ease of use or avoidance of the mania in the big price savers, but either way it bodes well for Dollar General. Not only that, but with an expanding landscape of stores and a more competitive line of merchandise their is just no stopping the DG.

The last and final fact that pushes Dollar General to the top of my radar, deals with the change in Americans habits. Americans will stop at nothing to save a dollar. Walk through your daily routine and you will see a mass amount of individuals pinching pennies everywhere. This behavior has stemmed from the tough times that were prevalent for the past few years and still encompass our world. These cost saving behaviors will stay with the consumer for quite some time and penny saving stores like Dollar General will continue to excel in that type of environment. So no matter how you feel about the future of our economy or the global economy, stores that sell bargains will be packed with everyone from the low class to the upper.

What is Sunday Funday?

(though DG may not be very fun oriented, I am somehow convinced by the woman in my life to do a ridiculous amount of shopping on the weekends)

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