Listening To Fools Will Net You Foolish Results

We are all headstrong and egotistical. We all would not have gotten to the point in our lives where we can put money in the markets if we had failed at all the endeavors we had set out upon. Reality speaks a hard truth, the market doesn’t care about your previous successes, be that in the market or out of it. That is why many traders fail, many investors lose money and do so through their own negligence. Many will claim fault on exterior forces but the facts remain that you, the man (or woman) in front of the screen pressed the button, called the buy or sell. Not at all am I suggesting that I am immune to mistakes, I have made some costly ones, but through trial and error I have learned a key to my future success:

If you listen to fools you are nothing more than a fool.

Aligning yourself with the right team, be that news sources, bloggers, tweeters, your mother (I watch what she buys like a hawk to judge the masses) is crucial to successful trading or investor. Below is a clip from one of my favorite shows, Boardwalk Empire. The background is that Chalky White is a man of his people, a supporter of his community. By looking out for those around him they look out for him. The comparison I am drawing is that aligning yourself with quality people in trading or business will benefit you extensively.

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