I See The Future

Do you know what they told Henry Ford when he said he wanted to make an automobile? They said you sir are ridiculous. Who would ever quit riding their horse to ride around in something so unreliable as a car. Comical isn’t it? A horse was thought to be more reliable than a car, and the rest is history. Do you know what they said about the internet many a moons ago? They said al gore had created another fad and it would fall by the wayside. Well we sit here today reading financial news via the internet, many of you while driving in your vehicle, so we now know both the above mentioned counterpoints to be a falsity. So I sit here once again upon my blogger throne, not suggesting, but informing you, that I know the future.

The future rests on the back of mobile. Mobile in the form of smartphone, games, apps, connectivity, etc. Mobile in reference to the mobility of phone, the mobility of tablets. Every great tech company somehow is correlated to mobile, be it that of Apple, Facebook, Microsoft. Just to name a few. Wherever one looks, mobile surrounds you. Mobile encompasses every aspect of our life. Mobile allows for ease of life, which for those of you who obviously lack vision, means that it is necessary for the future.

Why has Apple been the tech baby of the last decade? They have taken mobile to the next level. They invented the smartphone. By the end of the year they will take it to the next level by making the world between your phone and television one in the same. Microsoft recently announced their launch of the next big tablet. This may be insignificant for many of you, who believe apple cannot be touched, though with an actual quality product by the PC giant Microsoft, the number 2 spot in the tablet world is now up for sale. No matter who stands on the leader pole of the tablet or smartphone industry, one thing remains, the future and dominance of the app world.

The mobile space continues to heat up, as I have said for some time, and with the launch of the the surface tablet, even old tech is decisively saying that the future is in handheld devices (phones and tablets). This means one thing: mobile gaming. We all know the story of Microsoft and Apple. The masses have failed to capture the mobile gaming tale. In the coming months as we will see mobile gamers like Zynga balance social and mobile gaming, pumping gangster rap in an electric powered car headed  forward towards a bright future. The mobile phase has just begun. As we see better monetization and a wider customer base in the coming months Zynga shall eat the shorts for a late night snack.

Don’t get me wrong either, Zynga is not the only soon to be giant to benefit from this continued trend towards mobile and tablets. Companies like Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the list goes on, will benefit handsomely. One of the basic ideals instilled in every trader is to not fight the trend. The trend is smacking you in the face. Mobile, tablets, they are here to stay. The world of apps has just gotten started and those stupid enough to fight the trend will capitulate when its far too late. The results will be disastrous for the shorts and they will not be able to find a building high enough.

Photo by Sam Howzit

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