Who Will Survive In America?

With the gut wrenching trading of Friday, one must wonder what is next for our lovely stock market. As those that were somewhat awake last year remember, the picture of Americas debt situation is far from being a classic, written off to ancient times. If American was a homeowner it would have had its house repossessed many times over. As the sky seems to fall out from under us (which may be overstated, next week will clarify), one must look to the next storm on the horizon. Being that it is a election year, things can get dirty, real muddy. My post this Saturday is short, succinct, and hopefully gut wrenching. Americas debt situation is more than horrendous, and this ball is the next one to drop, by no means in a celebratory manner. So hopefully those that hold the power will realize that if we don’t start paying our debts now, our children and there children will have to. The debt problem is a crisis that will result in no one being able to survive america.

“The time repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” – John F. Kennedy

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