Sailing The Storm To Reach Capital Tranquility

Yeah today is bad, not end of the world bad, but bad. In particular for us who love tech, more specifically those companies with high p/e ratios and not much on the earnings front. The end of the world is not here and another day will come, another day will come to trade. Yes the bears are prevailing today, and those holding their VXX bull gun are laughing as they sip the finest wines on this spring afternoon. Though I have been a holder of the VXX and things can turn on a dime. I sit here to suggest, rather, to clarify, that all is not lost. Everything from Zynga to Apple to General Electric are not having a good day. As a holder of technology companies, when I see Apple get murdered, it makes me sleep easy. As I have suggested in the past, the best companies will prevail into the future. I can sit here with a smile as I lose money knowing that the storm will cease.

The end of the world has not come yet. I am a Macrohead and yes things are not great. Though was this not to be expected? The numbers are out and we will now have to live with them. That is all beside the point, what matter now, is owning the best. The best companies with the brightest futures will survive. Trim that fat. Even as bad as 2011 was at its point of craziness, the best of breed still prevailed. Last year as the market was getting obliterated Apple hung in there strong. This is no cry to buy Apple. This is rather a suggestion that if the fundamentals exist, over the long haul one shall prevail. This storm of the market will pass. For there to be good days there must also be bad, so as a trader or investor you must take both and manipulate the market to your advantage.

Photo by Webb Zahn

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