Repetition Breeds Familiarity

Well to get to the point, everything has fallen apart once again. This time around, in year 2012, the market doesn’t really care. Yeah we are down a little off the highs, but if the market had really cared it would not have rallied the bears away for the first 4 months of the year. Had Greece really and the Euro really been an issue, it would have never left us at the beginning of the year. The world has far from fallen apart, the VIX has barely moved. The masses, rightly so, are convinced that the United States economy is better. Things are better than they were and we are likely not going to have a double dip recession. The irony of the whole situation lays in the fact that we, the big ole United States, will be able to stand on our own. We are just a giant nation of consumers, our service economy will prevail, because we merely make money off of serving one another. The restaurants will continue to make food, nail places will continue to paint nails and so on. Technology will continue to service the masses and be the place to make monies. If liquidity freezes up again, does it really matter? It’s obvious that people aren’t buying homes anyways. So the point of my ramblings are simple: we have seen the Greece mess many times before and at this stage in the recovery Uncle Sam will stand fine alone. Even if Greece falls apart Americans will keep doing what they have done for years and likely spend more money. Yes the rest of the world falling apart will slightly hinder our bright future, but it will far from destroy it.


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