The Game Isn’t Over Until It’s Over

With all the chaos of the market over the past few days I decided to take a step back for a moment. Sometimes it is best to not get caught up in the news and realize that the positions you hold will work out in the future. Had the end of the world really came I would have likely been in hot water, but that is the case for everyone, so at least I wouldn’t have been the only one on the sinking ship. All that I can take from the past few days and the market action, is things aren’t over until they are over. That may sound extremely cliche, but just look at the markets over the past few days. Yeah see what I am saying now. The greatest thing about my previous statement is that when it comes to the financial markets, the game is never over. We all will live to fight another day (as long as we take steps to maintain our capital) and hopefully that new day will be better than the next. Just remember last year with the Greece mess, everyone thought the double dip was back, and look at the first quarter 2012, extraordinary. I thought the video from last weekends Kentucky Derby would be a good morning inspiration. Take a watch below and remember that it is not over till it is over.


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