Where Is The Market Going? And Is This Even The Right Question To Ask?

We all wonder, day in and day out, where is the market going? This is the million dollar question that can land you, me, and the rest of the family a much richer and luxurious lifestyle. The quick answer to this is the market looks to trade sideways for quite sometime, until the global economics concerns are resolved. But maybe questioning the market is not the appropriate question to ask. Maybe this is the question that is costing us the money we think we could gain by asking the question. Maybe the more appropriate question is: Which stocks will be higher by the end of 2012? The saying goes, miss the forest for the trees, but the fact of the matter is that when it comes to investing, the trees make us rich and we could care less if the forest went up in flames.

So as the market dynamics have changed, so should your investing strategy. It is likely that you invest in the best of breed in many sectors. The reality of the situation is that the leaders are changing, and new ones will emerge (I am currently in the process of evaluating that). Broad markets moves are cashed out for the moment, with the renewed global economic concerns, and if these worries come continue to rise, the market will trade down. So take some time over the weekend and realize what the trends of the future are. Is social media the leader of 2012, or will it fall off, are the automakers set to make record profits, or will the IPO babies of the year give us a once and a lifetime return? Rather then questioning where the market is headed, one should question which are the stocks that will trend higher over the rest of the year?

Please feel free to comment some of the companies that you think will take 2012 by storm. The best investing occurs when ideas are shared.

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