What I Would Love To See In Windows 8

The story always seem to be the same for the tech giant Microsoft, just wait, the next version of Windows, that will blow you away. Wait, wait, the next next version of windows, that will be the game changer. Taking a look at all the factors in the past few years, it may be time to make that call again and have that call make you some money. There are a lot of features I, and the larger tech consumers would love to see in the new version of Microsoft and from what I have seen, the anticipation may finally live up to the expectations.

Microsoft has finally woken up to the competition that is Apple. They have shown this by there recent ruling to avoid employees from purchasing Apple products. This can be taken two ways. One, that Microsoft is gunning for Apple and die hard Appleheads should be scared. Two, the war is about to begin, and Apple is positioned to take the crown. Either way, a showdown is eminent. If you go here to a preview of Windows 8, you see that  Microsoft is going in a much different direction than before. Hey, you could even say that Microsoft storm is stealing a little Mac OS thunder.

What I am looking for as a Windows 8 potential consumer and an avid iPhone user is Microsoft to give me some love in the app world. I am so tired of logging into my computer and having 3 or 4 programs wanting to update themselves. While on my iPhone, all those programs are updated with one touch. This may not be a substantial problem for many of you, but it actually resembles a large issue. The problem that Microsoft has had over and over again, is they fail to focus on the ease of use of the consumer. Apple continually makes their products idiot proof and that usable to almost everyone (hell even my mother can use her iPhone with ease). Providing ease of life, that’s what technologies true purpose for consumers is, and until Microsoft sees that, Apple will continue to dominate.

Whichever way you cut it, the tech war is now here and impassioned. The telltale sign of dominance will likely come at the end of the year when we see how Windows 8 sells and how the populous responds. The masses love Apple computers, but who’s to say they won’t love Windows even more? One of the benefits of technology is it moves rather rapidly, in turn allowing the Windows Apple game to change over night.

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