Time To Sing My Own Praises On Zynga and VXX

Over the past few months I have attempted to contribute adequately to the investment community via my blog here on Capital Overlook. Looking back at some of my calls, I can gladly give myself a pat on the back.

My goal daily is to be more right then wrong. As easy as that sounds, it is far from a nice stroll down the park. Two calls of mine I can gladly look back upon and smile. A majority of my calls are more of a long term view on the macro economy and only time will tell. Below are the links to my articles from earlier this year.

VXX: They Took Fear Out Back And Shot It 3/21
I suggested at this point to avoid the VXX until we see a hard pressed reversal that would give the VXX some real legs to run. We haven’t seen that and if you avoided this fund you would have made some money elsewhere.

Zynga: Zynga Scares Me 3/15
In the above article I suggested that the shares that were coming to market would decrease the price of the stock. I was right and as I said “Why buy at $13 when you can by at $9.” Don’t get my wrong I think social media is hot, but Zynga wanted to go down and I am not touching it until it shows some good upward momentum.

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