Sunday Funday: Lions Gate

Investors and movie goers alike seemed hungry for the first installment of The Hunger Games. I had many a women fill my ears about the hype for almost a year. The reviews on the rating sites were decent to good, the personal reviews I have heard were quite lackluster. Though the fact of the matter is that the hype will only grow in anticipation for the following movies. So looking at LGF, it is a great candidate for Sunday Funday.

With the huge potential to have a blockbuster brand in the hunger games and the possibility of other big hits for the rest of the year, LGF seems to be on the right track. Most of the above story you have heard and see the massive upside potential. Though their is always one point many fail to bring up, the streaming qualities of an enterprise like this. Nowadays there are so many ways in which movie fans can access content. Lions Gate has found ways to monetize all of these above and beyond what is normally expected. For example look at there Mad Men deal with Netflix. That is just a simple example, but content will be monetized more and more in the coming years. This monetization will LGF will make a killing.

So sit down on this Sunday Funday and enjoy a quality LGF movie and keep an eye on that stock.

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