A Good Day To Be Bearish, But The Month Is Far From Over

I have been bearish for quite sometime, so much so, it may have in fact caused me to miss the rally at the beginning of the year. Today I feel slighted for letting go of my VXX bull gun. I couldn’t take the pain anymore and capitulated quite some time ago. Looking back this may have been a foul move as the VXX looks to possibly make some real moves in the coming future. Before I put my bearish words to practice and buy back in, I will wait and see. This may seem a cop out to many of you, but less then a week ago we were in the driver seat of a crazy bull market, which was running over valuations and possibly could have steamrolled through weak earnings. With big earnings on the horizon and valuation up due to the recent stock rally, one must wait and see if the earning meet these inflated expectations. To jump in and out of the market as momentum swings one way or another is a fools errand, let the market settle out, and hopefully turn bearish to support my thesis.

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