The U.S. Recovery Cannot Stand Alone

Recent chatter among the professionals suggests that the United States can stand alone, with no regard for the faltering global economies. Did I miss some recent regression back to the 18th century? These very intelligent men and women are suggesting that the world we live in today resembles the protectionism of the ancient past, rather then the connectivity of the current era. Maybe I am just oblivious to this new world, but much more likely I am right and those pros are just trying to sucker you into the market.

Since the masses want to ignore the connectivity of 2011, and the free lessons one can learn from last year, they shall suffer. Last year was a prime example of the global impact on financial markets. The fear of economic problems throughout the world took the wind out of last years rally. But now the global world and the United States are no longer connected? Come on, don’t play dumb with me, this interpretation is not only ignorant, it is foolish for your money. The global fast paced world we live in today is connected in all shapes and forms. Keep an eye on our friends around the globe, because the worse things get, the U.S. financial markets will realize they cannot stand on their own.

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