If A RIM Blackberry Falls In the Forest, Does Anyone Even Care?

The investing community has watched the once great Research In Motion fall from grace in recent years. Why you ask, has such a once great product ceased to be admired? It could be attributed to a lack of a uniform vision, or a faltering product. To be honest it does not matter what exactly happened to put RIM in the position they are in today. Simply they are in a dire straight. What holds more importance in my eyes is rather the potential they have in the coming years.

One product can change everything for a company, as Apple has shown us over the years. The iPhone has changed the landscape of the Apple company. Today many companies only produce one product still are able to give investors great returns. RIM has the potential to turn its horror story around. Consumers are fickle and are always interested in the newest and greatest thing. One day it was RIM, then one day it was Apple, tomorrow may be Google’s day. As investors we never truly know what the next greatest gadget will be, we can only speculate. Below is an example of an innovative way that the Android company has set up your phone to go silent at work.

(no longer available)

No I am not saying that they will sell them 40 million RAZRs. What I am saying is that companies, in particular technology companies, can take an innovative spin on a product and easily sell a vast quantity. One creative spin can result in huge demand. The smartphone race will be a long and tough one, and sometimes the tortoise does win the race. I am not suggesting in any shape or form to go out and by the faltering company, but rather to keep an eye on them in the future. RIM can definitely turn their smartphone story around and there is definitely enough room for three big smartphone players in the smartphone market.

Photo by The GameWay

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