Chipotle Is Getting Too Big For It’s Britches

What would you like on that, the polite Chipotle burrito engineer asks me? Well isn’t the answer obvious, everything that looks good. That may be the precise problem with Chipotle today. A customer peering through the glass protecting the precious ingredients to a perfect burrito doesn’t follow the calorie counter, but rather ones taste buds. In a time when Americans have gotten larger and larger, we have, and will see a trend towards smaller and smaller calorie counts.

It is obvious that Americans love to eat and in particular like to eat Chipotle. The issue resides in the coming years. We are not seeing a fad, but rather a societal change; A massive move towards a healthier and fitter america. We have seen this movement take shape in some major fast food companies. Take a look at McDonalds, a few years ago people would have thought fruit instead of french fries was ridiculous; today not having the fruit option is an absurdity. It is likely that the Chipotle business will need to follow health trend, or those same store sales will be dealt a heavy blow. Chipotle is a great company, but in the ever changing landscape of the American consumer, Chipotle must transition to serve the health conscious American consumer.

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